CONVENIET LOCATIONS. Lithuania has a variety of locations within a remarkably short distance. Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania is an ideal size city - you can get from a modern downtown bussiness center to a medieval old town street in 5 minutes. From there you'll reach a wild forest in 20 minutes and a unique inter-war period Kaunas old town in 1 hour. The seaside is just 3 hours away from Vilnius. What’s more, Lithuania is conveniently situated in the heart of Europe, so reaching it from anywhere in Europe is easy.

EXPERIENCED CREWS. Lithuania's film industry professionals work with international productions for more than 20 years. Every international production hire locals, often including HODs. Local crew members speak multiple languages (English, German, Russian, Polish, Spanish and Italian among other languages), are commited, creative and love their job!

DIVERSE LOCATIONS. Lithuania has a very dramatic history, marked with many different armies and countries taking over local cities and villages. This is clearly seen in Vilnius, Kaunas and other parts of Lithuania.  Every foreign country left a mark here - Russian, Polish, Swedish and French among others. Furthermore, a very distinctive Soviet style take a big part and the modern style is the most visible today. Time travell is easy here!

TAX INCENTIVE. Starting from 2019 Lithuania will offer a 30% tax incentive for feature films, TV films, documentaries and animated films. The tax incentive was introduced in 2014 and since then has supported local films as well as international productions as big as "War and Peace", "Tokyo Trial",  "Conspiracy of Silence".

FILM FRIENDLY! The two biggest Lithuania's cities - Vilnius and Kaunas - have succesfully working local film offices who are ready to help filmmakers in many ways.  Local film offices will help with permits, provide all relevant information about filming in these cities, connect to local authorities. Vilnius and Kaunas are busy filming all year round and local film offices are definetely speaking the filmmaking language.

IT'S A GREAT PLACE. International crews love Lithuania. Most of hte film industry is in Vilnius and it's a great place to spend your day off. Old town is full of high quality restaurants, coffee shops and bars, there are international schools and the city has an ideal size so moving along here is super fast and easy. More and more often international crew members come here with their families and enjoy the time spent in Lithuania.